Texas Sex Offenders – Registered Sex Offenders Booted From Popular Social Media Sites

Throughout the career of an experienced Texas sex crimes lawyer, it is common to represent clients who have been accused of sexual crimes. Conviction of these crimes will place that person on a national registry of sex offenders. Being on that list can have life-changing consequences, as seen in a recent crackdown on internet sex crimes.

Several thousand metropolitan sex offenders have been from two major social media sites: Facebook and Twitter. The Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act (e-STOP), passed in 2008, provided for the massive sweeping of all sex offenders registered on social media sites. Under the new law, all convicted sex offenders must register all of their personal information with the state including online profiles, and home, web, and email addresses. Of the thousands of registered sex offenders, just over a quarter have complied with the e-STOP legislation.

Over 3,500 sex offenders have been kicked out of these social media sites as a wake-up call for everyone, including parents, young adults, law enforcement agencies, as well as the sites themselves. Additionally, the names of those taken from the sites were reported to the state Division of Parole. This was done to make sure that none of the people with sex offense charges have violated their early release provisions while using social networking sites. The fact that so many sex offenders were booted from Facebook and Twitter display a clear message that there is a patrol in the cyber world. Popular social media sites make create an easier environment for sex offenders to connect with people.

Many of those kicked out of Facebook and Twittersites committed recent sex offenses. One rejected member was convicted of sexually assaulting a fourteen-year-old boy, while another was convicted of raping a two-year-old girl. State officials felt that this information was important to be public knowledge, and has made it available to the social media sites that want it.

Being accused of a sexual offense can be incredibly stressful and difficult for all involved. As harsher measures are being taken against registered sex offenders, it is clear that being convicted with this sexual assault can carry permanent consequences. Therefore it is vital to contact a hard-working and aggressive Texas criminal defense lawyer for the best legal advice and legal representation possible for your case.

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