Sex Offenders – Bail Set for Attorney who had Sex with Boy

As a Texas criminal lawyer, it is common to represent clients who have been accused of sexual offense charges. However, it is rare to come across a case where the attorney is the one in custody–such as the case of the metropolitan attorney who has recently been charged with being a sex offender. According to reports, the attorney has been accused of having sexual contact with a fifteen-year-old boy.

The forty-six-year-old met the young boy when he was just eleven years old. According to the sex offender charges, he had sex with the boy as well as providing him alcohol at his home. Additionally, he also sent the teen sexually explicit text messages on numerous occasions. Police finally caught up with him, after they learned of the sexual offense. On December 9th, police arranged a taped phone call between him and the boy. During which the attorney described his previous sexual relations with the boy, and even asked to meet with him later that night. When he drove to meet the teen, police intercepted him.

He has been charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and solicitation of a child to engage in sexual acts. If he is convicted as a sex offender, he faces up to thirty-three years in prison. Bail was set at $500,000 with the stipulations that he cannot break the law and must stay away from the victim and his family at all times. Additionally, he is not allowed to have any contact with children under the age of eighteen, except for his own children.

The sex offender attorney has called the bail amount “absurd.” As stated in court, she believes that Biber’s stature and presumed financial status have played a factor in the absorbingly high bail amount.

As seen in this case, being charged as a sex offender can have irreversible consequences. Conviction of sexual crimes will have life-changing consequences, including a permanent listing on the sex offender registry, fines, and/or jail time. For the best legal representation possible for your case, it is vital to contact a hard-working and experienced  Texas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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