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It is not uncommon for innocent people to be accused of committing a sexual related criminal offense. In many sex crime cases, it often involves one person’s word against another’s. Through our years of experience, our criminal lawyers have learned that many sex crime allegations can be false and unfounded.

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Are You Facing a Sexual Related Crime?

If you are facing criminal allegations of a sex offense, your in a very serious legal situation. The sex crime defense lawyers in Schertz TX have decades of experience representing clients in state or federal sex crime cases throughout Southern California. We have a successful track record of putting our extensive knowledge to work in defending our clients’ rights and interests throughout the entire criminal process.

Image result for SEX CRIME DEFENSE LAWYERS SCHERTZCriminal sexual offenses come in many forms. They can include sexual deviancy, sex crimes against children, forced sexual acts or exchanging money for sex. A conviction for some specific sex crimes, even for a first time offender or a non-violent act, can lead to mandatory sex offender registration. Under Texas law and a nationwide database registry that is devoted to making it easy to locate convicted sex offenders, individuals can find their personal and professional reputation ruined forever.

Legal Representation Before Criminal Charges Are Filed

A criminal defense lawyer should be retained for anyone accused of a sexual related offense as soon as an allegation is made, before an arrest, or before formal charges have been filed. The reason for an early intervention by a qualified defense lawyer is to legally protect you and attempt to negotiate with the prosecutor to not file criminal charges. The success of avoiding criminal charges from being filed depends on the specific nature of the sex crime charges and your criminal history. Because the defense attorney you retain can make a difference in the outcome of your case, you need choose wisely and call our law firm to discuss the details of your investigation or arrest.

Legal Defense Against Schertz Sex Offenses

At the law office, a Schertz sex crime attorney at our firm can defend you against any type of misdemeanor or felony sexual related offense. This includes lewd and lascivious conduct, possession or distribution of internet child pornography, statutory rape, date rape, lewd conduct, prostitution, solicitation, sexting, sexual assault, sexual battery, child molestation, failure to register as a sex offender, among others. Our sex crimes defense lawyers knows how to best protect your legal rights and provide trustworthy advice about your legal options.

Sex Crime Criminal Charges

Over our many years of criminal law practice, our attorneys have defended clients against a wide array of sex crime charges that include rape, child molestation, child pornography, prostitution, indecent exposure, statutory rape, internet sex crimes, lewd conduct, date rape, pimping and pandering, possession of obscene material, child prostitution, failure to register as a sex offender, among others.

Contact a Sex Crime Lawyer in Schertz, Texas

By obtaining the legal services of a criminal defense lawyer who has experience defending sex crime allegations, you are taking an important step to reaching the best possible outcome for your future. Just an allegation that you have committed a sexual related offense can turn a jury against you before they have heard your side of the story. Our attorneys are determined to provide an aggressive legal defense. We also have the communication skills to get your side of the story across to the judge and jury to help you avoid a conviction.

If you are seeking a defense lawyer who can provide you with sound legal guidance and aggressive defense against your charges, our law firm is the right choice. We handle sex crime criminal cases in all Bexar County Courts.

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