Definition of Sexual Assault

Varying degrees

Sexual Assault is an undesired advance of a sexual nature that results in contact just short of rape. Some states associate sexual assault as rape including just touching and/or fondling. Sexual abuse is also known as molestation and is achieved by forcing an unwanted sexual act on a person. This is classed just under sexual assault, which carries a lesser penalty.

Rape, however, is when someone is forced into having sexual intercourse including oral, vaginal and anal penetration and also applies with a body part or an object. This is treated as the most serious type of sexual assault and investigated as such.

Sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment in its truest form is unsought advances, verbal or physical conduct in requesting sexual favors. Being sexually harassed is usually the jump-off if you are going to be a victim of sexual assault. The statistics say that this is the way predators begin the onslaught if not stopped abruptly after the first encounter and result.

The staggering statistics

Experts say every 3 minutes a woman is raped in the United States. Estimates show that of every rape only around 40% are reported to police and some have these numbers even lower. In the future this is going to become a real epidemic and anyone’s silence only gives the problem a stranglehold on our society and only lending credence to those offenders that what they are doing is acceptable and can go on with no repercussions.

No means no and… not saying yes means no

Sexual Assault can occur by just not being able to give consent. So if the victim is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including unconsciousness or sleeping, the perpetrator cannot legally claim that consent was given. Being incoherent is commonly used as an excuse by some as a defense of the accusations, their coherency or the accuser’s. A person must obtain consensual verbal responses and if unable must be accepting of rejection or it will be classed as assault of a sexual nature.

The word no, is not the only acceptable response needed to be given to someone, especially for them to know that they should stop and not be sexually assaulting someone. Circumstances and accusations of sexual assault are no higher than any other crime in their falsity, which means that the media’s continuous effort to make celebrities untouchable, through no fault of their own, has not subsided.

The numbers are staggering and sad, to say the least; it’s a psychologically painful issue and unfortunately a bigger one than most want to believe. So speak up and know your state laws as they pertain to sexual assault.