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It is not uncommon for innocent people to be accused of committing a sexual related criminal offense. In many sex crime cases, it often involves one person’s word against another’s. Through our years of experience, our criminal lawyers have learned that many sex crime allegations can be false and unfounded.

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A Sex Crimes arrest can have a big impact on your life. If you have been arrested for a Sex Crimes Offense in Boerne, Texas, we can help. A Boerne Sex Crimes attorney at can provide you with the defense representation you need to help secure an acquittal or dismissal of charges. At the very least, a Boerne Sex Crimes lawyer at our firm may be able to help you secure an alternative sentence so you avoid jail time.

Image result for SEX CRIME DEFENSE LAWYERS BOERNE TXJail time, fines, police monitoring, required public registration, counseling and community service are all penalties you may face for a Sex Crimes conviction in the state of Texas. Without skilled representation by a Boerne Sex Crimes lawyer, you will likely face these penalties; in the maximum sentences they may be applied. Texas prosecutors and judges are not likely to be lenient unless they have reason to be. A Boerne Sex Crimes lawyer at our firm can negotiate with the prosecution to secure lessened charges and alternative sentencing. We will also use our resources and education to build a strong defense strategy in order to work for a “not guilty” verdict.

Accusations of Sexual Assault: The Time To Act is Now

If you’ve been accused of sexual assault, it’s in your best interest to act quickly. The simple act of filing sexual assault charges can be devastating to a person’s reputation. And the quicker we can review the evidence in the case, the higher the likelihood of a positive outcome. Physical evidence is very important in sexual assault cases, since there is usually no witnesses other than the parties involved. So it is in your best interest to get legal representation the moment you know you are under investigation.

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