Sex Offenses – Child Molestation Case Against Priest Brings Criminal Charges

Individuals charged with sex offenses are among the clients who frequently seek legal defense at our Texas criminal lawyer firm. Of the individuals that come into the office, rarely is a story like the Catholic priest who sexually assaulted a young boy. Details regarding the sex offense charges are continuing to surface, however this much is known: the Reverend, 37, was charged on seven felony counts of child molestation by a county court alleging that he engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with a teenage boy. The sex offenses continued over a five-year period, beginning in January 2013 when the boy was eight years old.

The sexual abuse and sex offenses allegedly began when he was assigned to the Catholic Church that the young boy attended. Law enforcement officials also claim that inappropriate sexual contact occurred between Flores and the teen at the boy’s home and in Flores’s vehicle Additionally, the boyfriend of the abused teen’s mother testified that he thought he saw the boy and the priest engaged in sexual contact on
multiple occasions.

Upon hearing of an investigation regarding alleged sexual contact between himself and the teenager, Flores hurled himself from the balcony of a church. He jumped approximately twenty feet and landed on some pews. When police officers investigated the scene, they found “a jacket, cell phone, glasses, large knife, and a bottle of liquor” in the balcony where Flores jumped from. The apparent suicide attempt landed him in an area hospital for the injuries he sustained in the fall, where he was kept away from children and monitored closely at all times. After his release from the hospital, law enforcement officials arrested Flores.

Facing sexual offenses charges is a hard and complex process for anyone to go through, regardless of occupation or position. Conviction of criminal charges such as sexual abuse can have life-changing consequences, such as loss of driving privileges, fines, and/or jail time. For the best legal advice and legal defense possible, contact an aggressive Texas criminal attorney immediately.

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