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Few criminal accusations are as devastating to a client as being arrested or investigated for a sexual offense. An arrest can occur without corroborating or forensic evidence or even where reasonable doubt of the claimant’s motives exists. The impact on the client may be life-changing as family, friends and co-workers assume the worst about a person.

Lewd Conduct: Penal Code Section 647(a)

Penal Code Section 647(a) defines Lewd Conduct as the touching or displaying of the genitals, buttocks or female breasts with the intent of achieving sexual arousal or gratification. These acts are illegal when done in a lewd or lascivious manner in a public place where a third party may be offended by its viewing.

Indecent Exposure: Penal Code Section 314

Penal Code Section 314 is a similar and related criminal law provision, which makes it unlawful for a person to expose his/her person or his/her private parts in any public place, or in any place where there are present other persons to be offended or annoyed thereby.

The consequences of conviction for such a crime include one year in the County Jail per count, probation, sex offender registration for life, and substantial fines. Sentencing for Lewd Conduct and Indecent Exposure may be enhanced when the defendant has a prior conviction on his or her record.

Aggressive Defense of Penal Code Sections 314 and 647(a)

We begin our defense before charges are even brought to court by immediately intervening with police and prosecutors on your behalf. We employ a private investigator who will respond immediately to interview witnesses. We have had numerous cases with sex crime accusations dropped before even going to court!

The consequences of a sex crime conviction are life-changing. To avoid the stigma of a strike conviction and sex offender registration we strive to provide an aggressive courtroom defense to reach our goals of having all charges dropped or securing an attractive case settlement.

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